André Duarte presents ‘Pertencer a alguém’

André Duarte edits the single ‘Pertencer a alguém’ today on digital platforms!

André Duarte tells us what this new single ‘Pertencer a alguém‘ is about “This song talks to us mainly about the fear we all feel when giving ourselves to someone. Letting someone else see us, without filters. Complete. Vulnerable. But he also tells us how this fear arises. From past experiences that went wrong, trauma, in short… that personal baggage that we leave neatly in some corner of the mind, but that insists on staying there. And thank goodness… It’s a sign that we’ve grown.”

Interestingly, this single ‘Pertencer a alguém‘ is the first of two tracks on the EP ‘Meu Lugar’. The other is ‘Tempo de Parar’. For André Duarte “… I write out of necessity. Music is my “ground wire” and it is in it that I find peace and resolution for real situations. These two themes emerged very close to each other because they talk about the same relationship, but in different phases. Belonging to Someone, despite being a theme with a happy melody, is a song that came from a place of pain, from a feeling of betrayal. Tempo de Parar is a hymn to personal overcoming. that no one is worth more than our own mental and emotional stability. It’s a moment. It’s a movement. It’s going back inside and tidying up the house that is the heart and the mind. It’s healing.”

Last year, André Duarte edited the singles ‘Promessas’, ‘Meu Lugar’ and ‘Tu Não Vês’. Themes in which he took a stand (namely in the last 2) regarding the issue of assuming one’s sexuality and that we are all equally human regardless of gender, color, or size. In the words of the artist, “I always knew that, as an artist and a human being, I had a mission. To leave the world a little better than the one I found. More tolerant, more united in empathy and love. The reception of my audience has It’s been one of the most rewarding things I’ve ever felt. I receive love from all sides. Stories and experiences are shared. And it’s so nice to realize that other people find home in my pain because that’s the only way it makes sense and that’s the only way we grow. As for the media, it is relatively simple to convey these values when we talk about cis, white, and heteronormative narratives because they are values from the outset that everyone agrees on. , they just didn’t have a stage) because people don’t always want to hear it… or they want to and are uncomfortable. But I leave here the appeal to all communication platforms: Please, let this message pass! Love has no eyes! It has no color, no gender, no size, no limits! Love is a feeling so beautiful and so contagious that even infinity has room to grow.”

The EP ‘Meu Lugar’ (which includes the themes ‘Pertencer a alguém’, ‘Tempo de Parar’, ‘Tu Não Vês and Meu Lugar’) is now available on digital platforms.

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