André Letria and Carolina Celas on display at the Bologna Book Fair

Portuguese illustrators André Letria and Carolina Celas are among the 76 selected for the annual exhibition of the Bologna Children’s Book Fair in Italy, the organization announced.

The exhibition, one of the events of that book fair, brings together works from dozens of illustrators from around the world and is awarded an annual international award.

The selection of 76 artists from 27 countries and regions was based on works submitted by nearly 3,000 illustrators by a jury composed of Diego Bianchi from Argentina, Maciej Byliniak from Poland, Alessandro Sanna from Italy, Harriët van Reek from the Netherlands, and by Béatrice Vincent of France.

Of the other Lusophone countries, the Brazilian artist Fernando Vilela appears.

At the end of last year, it was announced that André Letria won two illustration awards, in South Korea and China, with the book “The War” written by José Jorge Letria.

Edited in May of last year, “The War” has a self-explanatory title. It is a book about war, with a textual narrative that extends through two dozen sentences to which André Letria came to life with a parallel and complementary visual sequence.

The war does not hear, it does not see and it does not feel. The war always knows where they fear it and they wait for it … War is the crash and the chaos“, reads in the book.

In April last year, Carolina Celas made her literary debut with the title “Horizonte”, marked by the horizon, intangible and omnipresent everywhere she looks.

With Orfeu Negro’s label, “Horizonte” addresses a “very broad, vague, non-palpable” theme that Carolina Celas transformed into a narrative that is more visual than textual, in which the landscape gains greater prominence than the beings that inhabit it.

Uniting all the illustrations – including the cover and the guards of the book – is a line of the horizon, whose meaning changes according to the perspective drawn by Carolina Celas, as one observes from a window, lying on a grass field, jumping from a parachute or looking at the sea.

The exhibition will be shown during the 56th edition of the Children’s Book Fair of Bologna, which takes place in that Italian city between 01 and 04 April, having a guest country Switzerland.

Every year, the illustration exhibition has been attended by Portuguese illustrators such as Cristina Valadas, Bernardo Carvalho, Gémeo Luís and Catarina Sobral, who in 2014 were awarded the international prize.

The exhibition then travels to countries such as Japan, South Korea and China.

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