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André Pires in Macau aims for TOP 15

André Pires has already completed the free practice and qualifying sessions for the 53rd Suncity Group Motorcycle GP in Macau at Guia Circuit.

After the technical difficulties, Pires and the Beauty Machines Racing Team made the most of the available track time in the final timed session, improving two seconds from the best previous record, placing the nationally coloured bike in 21st place on the starting grid.

A session that saw all the riders lower their best times and once again the weather conditions were the ideas, with the track completely clean, following the various sessions that make up the charismatic Macanese event.

After the combined two timed sessions, the time difference between the 27 riders present is now smaller and leaves everything open for the 12 lap race to be played Saturday, 16 November.

The Portuguese rider will also have a chance to improve his record in the pre-race warm-up session by taking advantage of the on-track time again to find the right fit at the helm of his Yamaha R1.

Topping the timesheet is Peter Hickman, the fastest rider in the second qualifying session, scoring the best record in the two-day combined and initialling another pole position on the Asian track.

AndréPires # 14
The second qualifying went well, the team is to be congratulated, they did a great job during the night. We solved the problem we suffered yesterday in the first practice and so today we have been able to run as many laps as possible on the track. try to acquire as much information as possible.

We managed to download for four seconds, which is quite good. We will still try to improve the bike in the warm-up session. For the race the goal will be to make a good start and get into the rhythm as soon as possible, I think we can aspire to a good position at the end of the race.

We are not far away, we are two seconds from the top fifteen, so the goal is to do the best from the start. Above all, finishing, regardless of position, is our goal, but we are very confident that everything will go well!

Saturday, November 16th
03h50 – 04h10 – 53rd Macau Suncity Group GP – Warm-Up
7:55 AM – 53rd Macau Suncity Group GP – Race (12 Laps)
Photo: GPM

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