André Sardet invites Bianca Barros, Bruno Costa and João Pedro Pais to a concert in Coimbra

Convento São Francisco, Coimbra

The concert takes place on April 1st and features a lineup that includes the new album “Ponto de Partida” and the artist’s greatest hits.

On the 1st of April, André Sardet will celebrate 25 years of his career with a very special concert at Convento São Francisco, in Coimbra. And to celebrate the occasion, the musician decided to invite three very special musicians: singers Bianca Barros and João Pedro Pais and guitarist Bruno Costa. The concert will be recorded in full and exclusively by RTP, for future transmission.

Interestingly, it was with Bianca Barros that André Sardet recorded the duet “Pudesse Eu Mudar”, the first single taken from the new album “Ponto de Partida”.

“Ponto de Partida” features the production of Diogo Clemente and the participation of other famous artists such as Carolina Deslandes (in a re-recording of the famous theme “Foi Feitiço”) and Jorge Palma, “one of his greatest musical references and that life turned into a friend.”

The all-time classics and the live debut of new songs celebrate the career of a musician that crosses generations and keeps his eyes on the future.

About André Sardet

With a career spanning 25 years, including seven albums, many shows, and many victories, André Sardet is today a name unanimously recognized by critics and the public in the Portuguese music scene.

André edits his first album of originals, “IMAGES”, at the age of 20. The single “O Azul do Céu” rose to the top of several national and local radio stations.

Two years later, he returns with the release of “AGITAR ANTES DE USAR”, which includes themes such as “Perto mais quem” and “Quem te fala de amor”, which reflect an intense search for the affirmation of a musical identity.

Confirmation of this identity comes in 2002 when he releases the third album – “ANDRÉ SARDET”, with the same name, which shows a very personal and mature facet of the musician. In this album, André invites Luís Represas, Rui Veloso, and Mafalda Veiga to participate in the project.

But it is with “ACÚSTICO” (2006) that Sardet definitely convinces the Portuguese public, as he celebrates 10 years of career, in an album that revisits and updates his most successful compositions. “ACÚSTICO” reached the top of the national sales chart, where it remained for 55 weeks. Between 2006 and 2007, it sold more than 160,000 copies and was awarded eight times platinum, making it the album with the most awards in Portuguese music.

In 2008, he returned with the project “MUNDO DE CARDÃO”, an album that involved parents and children in a universe of imagination and emotion and that was produced with recycled products.

This album was followed by another successful project, “Pára, Escuta e Olha”.

André Sardet also released “A Seta” in collaboration with Mayra Andrade, a theme that was the theme song for the film “Sei lá” by Joaquim Leitão and produced by Tino Navarro, and “Amor Com Amor Se Paga”, music composed for the soap opera’s theme song “Belmonte”.

In February 2020, André released “Ponto de Partida”, a song revealed during a remarkable period for all Portuguese people and which many found the best company in music.

25 years ago, when André Sardet released his first album, someone said that “when listening to these songs we never feel alone”. In fact, André Sardet is in people’s lives. For this reason, his music crosses generations and his audience is renewed, making his name consensual from grandchildren to grandparents.

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