André Silva scored the 13th for Portugal and equaled three historical

The young Portuguese footballer André Silva today scored his 13th goal for the Portuguese national team, joining 15th place in the Portuguese ranking to the consecrated Peyroteo, Matateu and Fernando Gomes.

In just 28 ‘AA’ internationals, the Sevilla player, a club he plays on loan from AC Milan, reached the 13th goal by sealing victory in the welcome to Italy (1-0), in the debut of Portugal in Group 3 of League A of the League of Nations.

André Silva, who made his debut for the Portuguese team on September 1, 2016, needed just over two years to reach this mark, and with today’s goal he ended a six-game ‘fast’.

The 22-year-old striker has not scored for the ‘quinas’ since May 28, the day of the privateer with Tunisia in Braga, in what was the 1,000th goal in the history of the Portuguese team. The match ended with a draw for two.

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