André Viamonte live at Cine Teatro Paraíso (Tomar)

It is already this Saturday, January 25th that the Portuguese singer / songwriter André Viamonte will present the album Monte at Cine Teatro Paraíso in Tomar.

Monte follows Via (published in 2016) but the two are interconnected, one does not exist without the other. Via is the Yin side and, Mount the Yang. He saw a more intense side of life and Monte is already a gateway to clarity. If in the first album the composer emphasizes the fusion between traditional instruments (cavaquinho, adufe, accordion, Portuguese guitar) with classical instruments as something organic and natural, in the new album, his search for a more urban and industrial sound led him to a new sound connection. Now among classical instruments and electronics, it leads to new sonorous outfits.

In Monte, there is also space for collaborations such as Coimbra Gospel Choir on the Beyond Constelations theme, by rapper B-Leza in Deadfall, by singer Beatriz Nunes in Gentle Dawn, by actress Eunice Muñoz in Mnemosine and Ashwinder Nippy in Flammarion.

Date: 25 January 2020
Location: Cine Teatro Paraíso (Tomar)
Time: 21:30

Regular ticket € 10
Ticket from 5 to 12 € 5

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