Angelini University Award distinguishes IPS Physical Therapy students

ReCoV19 Project – Recovery from COVID19 receives 2nd prize

The ReCoV19 – Recovery from COVID19 project, developed by eight Physiotherapy students from the Polytechnic of Setúbal School of Health (ESS/IPS), was yesterday awarded 2nd prize within the scope of the 12th edition of the Angelini University Award (AUA).

The competition, promoted by the pharmaceutical Angelini Pharma, aims to reward innovative ideas implemented by higher education students, and in this edition (2020/2021) adopted the motto  “Solutions for health crises”.

The distinguished project put on the ground a telerehabilitation program for people left with respiratory sequelae left by COVID-19, covering, so far, a total of 30 users, who were thus able to access an alternative solution for post-discharge follow-up, with the duration of eight weeks.

The intervention, which consists of a set of therapeutic exercises carried out in groups and monitored at a distance, aimed at improving breathing control, exercise tolerance and quality of life, was designed and conducted in the field by Physiotherapy students from the ESS/IPS, under the supervision of the physiotherapist Renato Reis and the teacher Margarida Sequeira, coordinator of the degree course.

According to the official, this is a project with obvious benefits for both sides of the therapeutic relationship. For the participating users, with the “reduction of symptoms of dyspnea and fatigue and the improvement of resistance to exercise and muscle strength, in addition to strengthening the habits of autonomous physical activity“. In the case of students, he adds, “in addition to having completed the internship in the specific area of ​​Cardiorespiratory Physiotherapy, they also developed telerehabilitation skills, which will certainly be part of the future of Physiotherapy.

It should be remembered that the implemented program has the support and dissemination of the INPIRO2 Association, born in a pandemic and dedicated to post-COVID-19 recovery.

The 12th edition of the Angelini University Award (AUA) also distinguished students from NOVA Medical School – Faculty of Medical Sciences, who won 1st prize with the project + Segura – Support System for Therapeutic Management, and from the School of Health of the Polytechnic Institute of Bragança, which competed with the Collaborative System for Management and Monitoring of Health Care at Home project, chosen by public vote.

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