Angola vies for bronze after defeat with champion

The history of the game reminds us of periods of intense suffering experienced by the national team, largely because of an opponent who was manifestly superior and, for this reason, commanded the game and assumed the territorial domain of the dispute from an early age.

The home team came to play with great attitude. In fact, the Moroccan set showed the image of a very adult team, very experienced, well-groomed, circulating the ball very well and discovering with some naturality the paths of access to the Neblu goal.
As a result of this attitude, it was also normal for the African champions to advance on the scoreboard, on 7 minutes, following the goal scored by Saoud.
In spite of the good demolishing posture evidenced by the Moroccan team, the national team was not limited to assisting the opponent to play. Quite the opposite. He also had possession of the ball and tried, in every way, to aim at the opposite goal.

But the truth is that Angola proved to be powerless to withstand the huge offensive avalanche of Morocco, since the quick attack plays carried out by the Moroccan group always caused chills to the Angolan defense. With the terrain inclined towards the Neblu goal, it was not long before the enormous pressure resulted in a goal, in this case the second, at 8 minutes, signed by Mohamed Jouad, in a very strong shot.

Losing 0-2, the Angolans had to rethink their attack. There was always a lack of art and ingenuity in national football. Mano Sele and Job did not appear in the game and the team resented it. Meanwhile, the home team took the opportunity to fatten up even more the numbers of the rout: Saoud, in the 17th minute “doubled” in the match and, in the 33rd, El Mesrar made it 4-0.

It was the first time that Angola experienced greater difficulties in the competition. Morocco was exceptional in the way it was able to cancel the main imbalances in the Angolan offensive game. Add to that, the physical component, a variable very well used by the powerful Moroccan players, to tire the opponent.

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