Angola’s national team loses and fails qualification

The U-20 women’s national football team lost again yesterday, against the similar of Congo Brazzaville, by 2-4, at the Municipal Stadium of Coqueiros, in the second leg of the qualifying preliminary for the World Championship of 2020, co-organized by Costa Rica and Panama.

Disadvantaged in the knockout, after the 2-0 defeat in the opponent’s stronghold, the Angolan team entered strong and tried in the first minutes to aim for the goal defended by Kedine. With the 4-3-3 tactical device, the national “eleven” played in continuous attack, but with defensive cautions.

Angola played a successful game, but sinned in the finalization chapter. At five and 15 minutes, the Angolan team wasted clear situations to be in advantage in the marker, through Beu and Marlene. In a one-to-one situation, both players failed to violate the opposite goal.
Unhappy with the result of the first “hand”, the national team did not lower their arms and kept the pressure on the “outsiders”, finished with dangerous crosses. On 22 minutes, the National Team opened the game with Ali-ma’s own goal after Beu’s dangerous cross. The Congolese central, in an attempt to deflect the ball into the corner, ended up introducing it into the goal.

Congo Brazzaville did not offer the necessary replica that was expected, as it was difficult to go out and play with the ball controlled from back to front. When Angola carried more, the Congo through a counterattack play equalized the score, through Aminata, after 25 minutes. Ten minutes later, the opposing team passed the marker, penalized by Aminata.

On the return from the dressing rooms, the National Team appeared more enlightened, in an attempt to turn the handicap in the scoreboard, but it was quite wasteful in the attack. At 48 and 55 minutes, Angola failed clear situations to be in advantage in the challenge, through Beu and Tininha.

With greater possession of the ball and attacking tendency, the Angolans showed a stark lack of aim and, with the passage of time, some players broke physically. Thereafter, Congo reorganized and began to attack Celucha’s goal more.

After 59 minutes, the francophone group extended the score, through Doris Senga, with a powerful shot at the entrance of the area. Magalie, who surrendered Josiane, scored the fourth goal in the 85th minute. In the time discount, Angola reduced, by Madó, to 90 + 3.

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