Anho no Forno Returns to the Table in Gondomil

The Gastronomic Festival Sabores do Anho is back in Gondomil, on the weekend of September 2nd and 3rd.

It is one of the great gastronomic wonders of Portugal, Anho in the oven, with dripping rice, in a bowl, cooked in wood-fired ovens, the old-fashioned way.

Largo de Santa Rita, in Gondomil, is the venue for this gastronomic festival.

This is one of the great dishes on the main festive dates in our land.

The lambs, prepared for this festival, are raised in free grazing in the local hills and fields, among the grass and gorse that give a unique touch to the meat of the lamb.

Prepared with baths of spices from the region’s aromatic herbs, it is slowly baked in traditional wood ovens.

At the table, Anho no Forno is toasted, tender and juicy, on top in the typical oval earthenware bowl from Minho. At the base, the pingado rice incorporates the flavors of the duck during cooking, providing a divine rice.

For two days it is possible to taste this delicacy and enjoy a wide entertainment programme, of which the Costa Rica orchestra performs on Saturday night and Tiago Maroto on Sunday afternoon. On Saturday morning, the bombo streets, announcing the event, will be in charge of the Grupo de Bombos São Cristóvão de Gondomil.

Meals can be enjoyed on Saturday, September 2nd, for lunch, from 12:00 pm and dinner, from 19:00 pm and on Sunday, September 3rd, for lunch, also, from 12:00 pm.

The initiative is from the Parishes Union of Sanfins and Gondomil and the Cultural Association of Gondomil and has the support of the Municipality of Valença.

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