Animal adoption grows 32% with the pandemic

The adoption of animals by the Portuguese increased with the pandemic with 32% assuming having adopted an animal during that period, reveals a study by Fixando carried out with 14,600 users of the largest national platform for contracting local services.

According to the analysis of the survey data, it is also concluded that 57% consider that the pandemic had a positive impact on the behavior of their animals, with 52% admitting that animal behavioral training is essential and 35% explain that they have already resorted or considered use the animal training service.

“The exponential growth in demand for the Dog Training service reflects the fact that many people took advantage of the pandemic to finally adopt a pet but, at the same time, it also reflects that many of these people were not prepared and were forced to use the animal training service to keep the peace in their homes”, explains Alice Nunes, director of New Business at Fixando.

The study also concludes that the drop in demand for a hotel for animals, reveals, on the one hand, the absence of plans for the future, namely for the summer, caused by the uncertainty regarding the deconflation plans and, on the other, the adaptability of families. the presence of animals.

“The lack of hotels for pets has always been a problematic reality for owners and in view of which several times we consider that there is a great business opportunity (albeit seasonal), however, this change in behavior may drastically alter the service market for animals and cause a crisis in the Hotels for Animals that will have no alternative but to include training for dogs in the services they provide in their facilities”, underlines the same person in charge.

Behavioral training, which in the first two months of 2021 alone represented an increase of 82% compared to last year and whose session can reach €40, is mainly aimed at dogs, preferred pets of 72% of those questioned.

Fixando adds that the search for canine training professionals is already the 5th most sought service on the platform during the pandemic.

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