Animation nights with new bands and DJ’s at Casino Lisboa

Animation nights at Casino Lisboa are distinguished by innovative live music proposals.

In January, the Arena Lounge multi-purpose stage hosts from Wednesday to Saturday Miss Manouche, Ru Vasconcellos, Chronicle News, Kilôko and Dynamite. With an extensive program, Casino Lisboa also suggests, from Thursday to Saturday, shortly after midnight, a cast of different DJ’s who select the ideal rhythms, extending the festive atmosphere until dawn. Admission is free.

Miss Manouche is part of Casino Lisboa’s New Year’s Eve entertainment program. The band debuts, precisely on New Year’s Eve, continuing the performance cycle until January 4th. The swinging rhythm of the 1920s, the fiery passion of jazz and the compelling figure of Django Reinhardt are the calling card of this dynamic quartet.

The radio vocal hits of this era are the repertoire of Miss Manouche, full of warm and danceable rhythms to which it is impossible to remain indifferent. With Luis Bastos (clarinet / vocals), João San Payo (bass / vocals), Ian Mucznik (vocals / guitar) and Alcides Miranda (guitar).

The Lisbon Casino hosts, from 8 to 11 January, Ru Vasconcellos. London-based multi-instrumentalist recently released the first single from her new EP “Holding on” which reached 35,000 views in just 2 weeks.

Ru Vasconcellos Quartet is a meeting between longtime friends who play a repertoire with unique arrangements of pop, soul and jazz themes creating a very groovy, improvised atmosphere.

The Chronicle News will meet from 15 to 18 January with the visitors of Casino Lisboa. The band invites the audience to travel through time, recalling themes that have marked the last decades in the music scene. Lead singer Rita Viegas will be joined by Rui Mação on guitar, Frederico Carvalho on bass, and Ricardo Daniel on drums.

Chronicle News pay homage to unavoidable stars such as Amy Winehouse, Adele, Creedence Clearwater Revival, Clan, Rui Veloso, Beatles, Cranberries, Sheryl Crow, Maroon 5, Bryan Adams, Adam Lambert, Amy McDonald, Snow Patrol, Radiohead , Coldplay, Duffy or John Mayer.

From 22 to 25 January, the Kilôko will be the main protagonists of the musical entertainment at Arena Lounge. With his guitar, vocalist Mick Mengucci shares the stage with Luis Bastos on the clarinet and Ian Carlo Mendoza on drums.

The Kilôko are a trio that transmits a contagious energy to the public, presenting a vast repertoire with their own interpretations of compositions by prestigious artists.

Dynamite will return from January 29th to February 1st to Arena Lounge to present a very diverse repertoire, featuring a set of covers inspired by funk, reggae, r’n’b and soul.

Led by singer Petta and with, Joao Pestana (bass), Celestino Dias (drums), Ricardo Santos (piano) and Pedro Rio Maior (guitar), the band already has seven years of stage in reference houses of live music in Portugal. They prepare a repertoire with Jamiroquai, Kool & the Gang, James Brown, Bob Marley, among others.

Arena Lounge – Jukebox
The program of musical animation also proposes, from Thursday to Saturday, shortly after midnight, different DJ’s who select the ideal records to prolong the festive atmosphere until dawn. With free admission, the cast is as follows:

January Program
02 – Mario Valente
03 – Yugo Dee
04 – Luis Patrawim

09 – Pellet
10 – João Afonso
11 – Sheri Vari

16 – Nuno di Rosso
17 – Lucio Monteiro
18 – Luis Leite

23 – Pan Sorbe
24 – Bruno Safara
25 – Gonçalo Siopa

30 – Nery
31 – Dj Al

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