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Anjos flew in Campo Pequeno

Tour Voa

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Campo Pequeno received Anjos for a concert on Tour Voa, and the duo returned to the Lisbon room with a bang.

Already with 20 years of career, Anjos continues to enchant the public and warm the hearts of fans, who as always, do not deny them applause and sang with them in all themes, they are always concerts full of emotions and joy.

Anjos > Campo Pequeno ©Luís M. Serrão – iNeews 2022.05.14

His sympathy and complicity between these two brothers, and of course, a lot of work do not cease to amaze those who attend his concerts, where his most iconic songs such as “Perdoa“, “Ficarei“, “Quero voltar“, ” Para longe” or “Eterno“, the latter being the theme that broke all records on digital platforms and won the #1 place on the top in Portugal, but also the new theme, which joined this duo to another also by brothers, “Frágil “, with the Calema, who left no one sitting in Campo Pequeno.


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