Another Web Summit has come to an end.

President Marcelo Rebelo de Sousa closed the 2018 edition. Last day focused mainly on how to have a more positive experience on the Internet.

Do social networks contribute to a positive Internet experience? Are we already completely overwhelmed and addicted to technology, standing head-on ‘in our smartphones?

These were some of the themes covered during the last day of the Web Summit, with the final conference being given to Ev Williams, known for helping to create Twitter and for being the founder of the Medium platform.

Williams’ course illustrates how the Internet has changed. If a few years ago we valued the speed with which the information arrived at us, today is day is recognized the importance to take a step back and wait for a more in-depth vision.

This is a clear paradigm shift with Twitter and Medium, a pivotal moment also for journalism whose importance was extensively advocated during this year’s Web Summit.

The need for a more positive experience on the internet was also championed by the creator of the Imgur platform, Alan Schaaf. On stage, Schaaf pointed to the harmful effects of social networks like Facebook and Instagram and invited everyone present to give Imgur a chance.

With so much technology being ‘offered’, there was still room to debate the problems that come with prolonged exposure. The technology addiction was debated by three participants in a relevant panel that pointed out the direction that should be taken by the big companies on the subject.

Lastly, it was up to President Marcelo Rebelo de Sousa to close the 2018 edition of the Web Summit, which he took advantage of to appeal for technology to be placed in favour of freedom, tolerance and peace. This is a subject that will certainly be the focus of attention in next year’s edition.

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