António Lobo Antunes’s work will be published in the French Pléiade

The complete work of António Lobo Antunes will be published in the Pléiade, a prestigious French collection belonging to the publisher Gallimard, which integrates rare living authors and only one Portuguese, Fernando Pessoa, said the writer’s editor.

Pléiade is a French publishing house, founded in 1931, which “gathers together the greatest works of French and foreign literary and philosophical heritage”, according to information on the official website of this publisher.

The news of the choice of António Lobo Antunes to integrate this collection considered luxury and restricted, which until now were only three living authors – Mário Vargas Llosa, Milan Kundera and Philippe Jaccottet – and a single Portuguese – Fernando Pessoa – was received this afternoon by the Portuguese editor of António Lobo Antunes.

Maria da Piedade, said that she received “a moment ago, a telephone call from the French publisher António Lobo Antunes” and the agent who deals with the rights to the international publications of the author’s work.

“For the publisher, it’s very important. There is no better news,” especially when the publication of Lobo Antunes’ latest book, “The Last Door Before Night,” is nearing completion, he said.

“The entry into the Pléiade is the best in terms of international literature, in terms of international prestige, only the Nobel equals,” he said.

Maria da Piedade also emphasized that the extension of Lobo Antunes’ work implies a “very long revision work”, so that its choice by the French publishing house is even more important because, in order to choose such a painstaking work, it has to be considered extraordinary.

“It takes a great commitment from Gallimard to publish the work of Lobo Antunes, because it is a vast work. There are 30 books,” he said.

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