António Mão de Ferro returned to the stages in a memorable concert at Casa da Música

It was on the 17th of June that the musician António Mão de Ferro returned to the stage after the pandemic that paralyzed the arts worldwide.

The musician presented his latest album “Lunatic” in front of a sold-out room with an audience eager to watch live music.

The concert was marked by a striking visual component, a reflection of the sound of “Lunatic”, which refers to a cinematographic and intimate environment. It was “a journey into the musician’s subconscious that led to this set of melodies, harmonies and textures that lead us into a kind of trance. We all have this power and right to feel that way.”

The concert also featured the participation of musician Kiko Pereira (Portuguese-American that critic José Duarte elected as the best male jazz voice in Portugal) in the theme that is a tribute to cancer victims and survivors, “Time”. The concert was performed by André Tentúgal and had Márcio Paranhos in its production.

The album “Lunatic” was composed and produced by António Mão de Ferro and the lyrics were written by Bernardo Fesch, except for the theme “The Long Road” (Lyrics by Kiko Pereira).

Supported by a band of stars, from bassist Bernardo Fesch, to guitarist Diogo Mão de Ferro, to keyboardist Diogo Santos, and joined for the first time in concert two of the best drummers to play together: Jorge Oliveira and Leandro Leonet, António Mão de Ferro manages to recreate the complex and intrinsic landscapes of his studio recordings, where all the different musical elements transport the listener on a journey he will not forget.

António Mão de Ferro is one of the most renowned Portuguese guitarists in recent years. He created his own style based on the Blues and in his curriculum he has participated in projects such as the Minnemann Blues Band, Jerrel Lamar (“Platters”), GNR, Xutos e Pontapés, Rui Veloso, among others.

In 2007 he started his solo career as a guitarist, singer, and songwriter with the album “Karma Train” which became a hit on national radio. Since then António Mão de Ferro has made 4 solo records and a consolidated career.

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