António Vale da Conceição releases EP “At Your Service Ma’am” and releases new single

The theme of the collaborative video between António Vale da Conceição and André Melo (director from Porto) that presents “Love Is The Storm” – a supernatural story and the second video clip by AYSM – is based on the heightened feeling of Ira, on the ability that a emotion so natural to Man, that when possessed, makes him an entity as “adamastor” as powerful, mysterious, transforming.

In this piece, André Melo transforms António Vale da Conceição into the Wrath of Adamastor, the mentor of storms and the supernatural entity that transports these dimensions of the soul to the realm of touch. We count on the participation of Patrícia Alves and Eduardo Almeida in the roles opposite António Vale da Conceição.

At your service, ma’am is the name of António Vale da Conceição’s new EP, scheduled for June 3rd. The storyteller brings us a work that looks more like the soundtrack of a classic comedy than a song album, or is it the other way around? Will it be a set of fictional songs or masked truths? Will it be a record from today or from a long time ago? It is not known. But it is known that the duality between what could be and what is is always invoked.

With screaming horns, scrambled rhythms and melodies that lengthen, At your service, ma’am is also a record of scrambled beats, of songs with stories. It’s a record that always talks about love because a film must always have a plot of love. But this one with appeals to strength and resilience, to change and acceptance of struggles so that we can win, together.

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