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António Zambujo reveals ‘Lote B’, first single of the new album to be released in April

Already available on all digital platforms, the first single from ‘António Zambujo Voz e Violão’, the new and ninth album by António Zambujo, eighth of originals, which is scheduled to be released on April 23rd.

The reunion with António Zambujo, one of the greatest contemporary artists, authors, and interpreters of Portuguese music and language, and one of his most notable ambassadors in the world, is made to the sound of ‘Lote B’, in which “with only one voice and a guitar I stopped the whole street, I came to play for you, a song that I wrote to you, when someone tells me, your love doesn’t live here”, setting the tone for the most intimate album in his discography. With lyrics by Pedro da Silva Martins, who is co-author of the song with Luís José Martins, the video features animation and direction by Pedro Serrazina.

In ‘António Zambujo Voz e Violão‘, the musician is inspired by the name of one of the records of his (and our) life, ‘João Voz e Violão’, João Gilberto’s album published in 1999, and returns, nothing accidentally, to the essential. As journalist Luís Osório wrote: «One day, in a more or less distant future, it will be said that this album is one of the most important in António Zambujo’s career. Not because some of the albums that preceded him were considered minor, and even less because of the quality of all the songs he has not yet written or given voice. Simply because ‘Voice and Guitar’ will always be associated with a time that has shown us how fragile we are and how much we need to rethink ourselves in the urgency of what is essential”.

While we wait for ‘António Zambujo Voz e Violão’, this perennial talent, precious and primordial as a diamond, and whose hearing promises to reconnect us to the world, we have ‘Lote B’ to listen to in repeat.


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