António Zambujo reveals “Lua”

Lua” is now available, the opening track of the album Cidade, António Zambujo’s next album, to be released this year.

Over the next few months, António Zambujo will make the new songs available on digital platforms. Now, “Lua” is released, the disc’s opening theme, which will join “Dancemos um Slow”, was published on the 12th of May.

By the end of the year, more songs from the lineup of António Zambujo’s tenth album will be revealed. Cidade was entirely written and composed by Miguel Araújo.

About “Lua:
“Lua is the song that opens the album. It is a very simple melody, circular, with a clear influence of Alentejo melodies when sung by the zambujo. This is how the Alentejo songbook comes to me: sung by António Zambujo on the guitar. This melody came to me improvised in one of the shows of songs made on the spot that António and I have with César Mourão and Luísa Sobral, the “Desconcerto”. The lyrics of the improvisation in question I quickly forgot, but this melody stayed with me, it served me for this Moon. It’s one of my favorites on the entire album.”

Miguel Araújo

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