Support for victims of domestic violence strengthened in Lisbon

Sixty autonomous housing units, provided by the Lisbon City Council, will reinforce support for victims of domestic and gender-based violence in Lisbon. The collaboration protocol with the Associação FEM – Feministas em Movimento, for the management of two of these houses.

Lisbon City Council – CML created, in 2012, the Municipal Fires Exchange for Victims of Domestic Violence, thus responding to the need for transitional housing to support women victims of domestic violence, in their process of empowerment, after leaving shelter houses. The allocation of municipal houses, on a temporary and transitional basis, has since started to be carried out in partnership with various associations specializing in monitoring victims.

The importance of these houses in the work of supporting the victims, made the CML decide to increase the number of houses and to extend this housing support to victims of domestic violence who, for whatever reason, are prevented from accessing a shelter, provided that on a reasoned proposal from the monitoring associations.

It was also decided to promote the possibility of renewing supported rental contracts for temporary housing, for an additional period of one year (after the two-year period of the initial term envisaged for these cases), or, exceptionally, for periods 12 months, while the fundamentals that determined the assignment of the housing remain valid.

More recently, the municipality has also decided to include in this grant response to violence and gender discrimination.

Currently, among the entities that are collaborating with the municipality in this program are the Portuguese Association for Victim Support, the Association of Women Against Violence, the Alternative Women’s Union and Response, Casa Qui – Social Solidarity Association, the Association ILGA Portugal – Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender Intervention, to which the Associação Feministas em Movimento now joins.

Manuel Grilo, Councilor for Social Rights, and Paula Marques, Councilor for Local Development Housing, signatories of the proposal to expand the municipal grant, unanimously approved at the March 18 Chamber meeting, signed the protocol representing the Lisbon City Council.


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