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Apple announces FaceTime update and new operating systems

With the update of the FaceTime service, the company introduces the possibility of creating links that can be shared with other users, allowing access through Android or Windows devices.

On the other hand, all video call participants appear with the same dimensions and can blur the backgrounds in portrait mode.

The updated version of FaceTime can also detect and eliminate background noise so that the conversation runs more clearly and includes the ‘SharePlay’ tool to listen to music or watch movies simultaneously with other users of the same call.

The new operating system for mobile phones iPhone, iOS 15, presents improvements in terms of design and privacy, also enabling the digitization and storage of identity documents.

Apple also launched new operating systems for its tablets (iPadOS 15), smart watches (WatchOS 8) and computers (macOS).

The multitasking function of iPadOS 15 now makes it possible to view the split screen and switch from one activity to another, while WatchOS 8 introduces a new application for controlling and monitoring breathing.

macOS, in turn, increases compatibility between Macs and tablets, just by placing the iPad next to the computer for the courses and keyboard to operate on both devices.

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