Apple fined in Brazil for failing to include chargers in the iPhone case

The Brazilian regulator imposed a fine of two million dollars on Apple. The fine penalizes the sale of equipment without a charger and also without any discount on the associated price, a practice that Procon condemned and which Apple directly questioned, without getting a response.

The owner of the iPhone stopped including chargers and earphones in the iPhone cases at the end of last year, a measure launched with the iPhone 12, allegedly for environmental reasons and carried out with the aim of reducing the use of raw materials and reducing the size of packages. The cases of the iPhone 12 and other branded devices now include only a USB-C cable.

The measure raised several criticisms at the time, with some voices considering that the company is truly committed to saving production costs, especially at a time when it is making the transition to 5G and producing a smartphone much more expensive than its predecessor.

At the time, it was also mentioned that the impact of the Apple measure could even be counterproductive to the environment, as it would drive the purchase separately of the accessories that the company stopped putting in the iPhone case. Buying these accessories separately means more packaging and more waste.

The Brazilian regulator also condemned the decision, but in this case because it represents a downgrade of the offer, without any price adjustment. Procon also accuses Apple of lack of support for iPhone users with difficulty using some of the equipment’s features and poor assistance in updating the equipment.

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