Apple unveils new iMac built from scratch with its M1 processor

At its most recent event, Apple revealed all the technological innovations it has been developing and, after presenting a new update with regard to the iPhone 12, with the revelation of a new color for the smartphone, and the long-awaited AirTags, the company is now introducing a new iMac computer.

During the presentation, Tim Cook highlighted the technological leap towards his new Apple Silicon architecture, highlighting the strength that the line of Mac computers represents in terms of sales.

The M1 processor is already playing a part in the company’s computer family and developers are optimizing their applications for the new architecture. Thus, the new iMac was built from scratch around the new M1 processor. The M1 processor that powers the iMac gathers the CPU and other components in a SoC, cooled by two small fans at the end of the component. The design of the computer itself has been reduced to take up less space.

The equipment has a 24-inch monitor, with a 4.5K Retina Display, 500 nits of brightness, and True Tone, which regulates the color temperature through the environment, also promising to spend less energy.


The computer is equipped with a 1080p webcam and the giant from Cupertino emphasizes that the camera has the capacity to capture good images even in less lit places, automatically balancing white and trying to highlight the best colors in the environment.

The microphones also promise to reduce noise around you, improving the conversation experience in video conferences. The computer’s sound system has been improved and consists of two woofers at each end of the screen and a small tweter, with a total of six speakers for a better listening experience.

As for the operating system, the computer is accompanied by BigSur, which is said to “wake up” immediately as soon as it is turned on and which speeds up the operation of the applications. The apple company says that the new computer is 85% faster than previous versions.

It also has a graphics card twice as fast as previous generations, with a performance level 50% higher than many graphics available on the market. Apple says that integrating the iPhone with the iMac is simpler, using a universal clipboard to transfer files.

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