APPORTUGÁLIA: A thousand delights in a single app

More than 35 Restaurants. A thousand flavours. A unique APP.

It is undeniable: every time we have more desire to travel. To know new cultures and new traditions. Meet new people and taste new gastronomy and flavours. Now, it is possible to have a thousand delights in one app and without leaving Portugal. Since November, the new APPortugalia has been gathering in one application all the restaurants of the Portugália Catering Group: Portugália Cervejaria, Portugália Balcony, Ribadouro Brewery, Trindade Brewery, L’Entrecôte Brasserie and Segundo Muelle.

With the intuitive and fast operation, the new APPortugalia allows you to accumulate points and receive exclusive offers from your favourite restaurants. Also on your birthday, there is an offer, valid for one month. Paralelmanete, all will have access to the location and contacts of the restaurants, as well as to a history of visits.

The way of operating could not be simpler: for every € 1, the customer receives 1 point that can later discount on the offer and restaurant, to his choice. That is, all restaurants give points and are places to discount them.

There are more than 30 exclusive offers, at the choice of each client, to be used more than 35 restaurants of the Group.

Download and enjoy tasty dining experiences in a unique App. Apportugalia!

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