Approved agreement with France on teaching Portuguese

The Council of Ministers approved today an agreement between Portugal and France for the promotion and diffusion of the language and culture of the two countries, signed in 2017 to “contribute to the reinforcement of the linguistic and cultural devices already implemented“.

The introduction of the Enseignements Internationaux de Langues Étrangères / International Teaching of Foreign Languages ​​(EILE), replacing Enseignements de Langue et Culture d’Origine / ELCO, in order to increase the number of learners, particularly those who choose Portuguese as the second and third foreign languages, “said the communiqué of the Council of Ministers. on the Agreement of Educational and Linguistic Cooperation signed on March 28, 2017.

At the time of signing, the Minister of Education, told Tiago Brandão Rodrigues, that learning Portuguese was already a reality for nine thousand students of the 1st cycle in France, where since the academic year 2016-2017 language learning is a possibility.

The agreement signed between the two countries placed the teaching of Portuguese in the EILE device (International Teaching of Foreign Language), and consequently, at the same level of visibility of languages ​​already offered in the French education system, such as English, Spanish and Italian , which the Portuguese Minister of Education considered to give prestige to the teaching of Portuguese in France, besides allowing access to a larger number of students.

According to the figures made at the time by the minister, there were two thousand years ago in France 15 thousand students learning Portuguese, nine thousand of them under EILE.

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