Books to support the understanding of the Ubuntu paradigm in Vila Nova de Gaia were presented

95 / 5000 Resultados da tradução These are «Ubuntu Tales» and «It's our moment – paradigm of care as an educational challenge»

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As part of the projects being developed in Vila Nova de Gaia by the Instituto Padre António Vieira (IPAV), with the Municipality of Gaia, two new books were presented on 19 July, as important resources for implementation and understanding. of the Ubuntu paradigm.

The book «Ubuntu Tales» is a compilation of short stories made by the French philosopher and actor François Vallaeys and will be a useful tool for Ubuntu educators to be able to work with students on concepts and methods covered in the Ubuntu Leaders Academy. In turn, the book «It’s our moment – paradigm of care as an educational challenge» is a work by the Spanish author Luís Aranguren and represents an important resource for thinking about the ethics of care. Within the scope of the intervention in Vila Nova de Gaia, these two resources are particularly important for educators and caregivers.

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