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APRIL 20th 24th | Coffee April 2019

They spent 45 years of carnations to blossom, “that dawn we expected, the whole day clean and initial” once again we celebrate April at SOIR-Joaquim António d’Aguiar.
This month is synonymous with Café Abril. It is the motto to remember the struggles against repression and the poets who sang them and to celebrate the magic moment that was the conquest of Freedom.

And because more than the songs they play, because more than the day itself, celebrating April is not to let him die all year, and especially in Joaquim António, a society that already before April 25 opened in flower, was marked by the ideals of equality and citizenship, resistance to fascism and the struggle for freedom. Culture also serves as the engine for the transformation of a society, just as it was before the doors that April opened had ushered in a new dawn.

This year the program has several concerts and film sessions. The joy and party go to the Páteo do Salema, because the Freedom is also celebrated with the fun of the Youth that does not forget April.

On the 20th, at 10 pm, the concert with Cachapa & KrazyDread, Bob the Red (Showcase) and DJ Sims (DjSet), on the 24th we closed with a golden key on the day of the great commemoration of April at 00h with PAUS.

And because Liberty celebrates itself with friendship, it comes and it brings a friend too.

April 25 Always!

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