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APRIL 4th | Frankie Chavez | I Don’t Belong Tour

When it debuted in 2010, with an EP on Optimus Discos, Frankie Chavez was able to immediately reveal the full potential, opening before him an infinite sea of ​​possibilities. However, the musician, singer, and composer demonstrated to be able to face the stage as few, alone or in the group, taking the place under the spotlight or positioning itself discreetly next to companions who do not dispense with his art.
And in the studio, Frankie Chavez shone louder and louder: he launched Family Tree in 2011, Heart & Spine in 2014 and Double or Nothing already in the final stretch of 2017. Each one a tribute to the great art that inspires him, the masters who guided him and, most importantly, each of them a repository of songs that reaffirm his ability to balance words, melodies, riffs, electricity and acoustic tension, with the strings proving to be the main ingredient of a cooking that has improved every time. new step.

Now it’s time to return to the stage, again without the support of a band, again willing to look the audience in the eyes, with no secrets and no tricks, no distances and no barriers.
“I started playing alone, just voice and guitar, no network. Then with a drummer, then in trio and now, for this last disc, Double or Nothing, I have played in a quartet. It has been a good trip to share the stage with more musicians. However, I felt need to be closer to people. Sometimes playing with a band makes us distance ourselves a little from the audience, “Frankie tells us. “I want to be closer to the people and focus on this iteration that is created between who sings the songs and who listens to them,” explains the artist.

Frankie Chavez confesses that he appreciates the freedom that the solitude on stage gives him, the possibility to feel loose, to yield to the impulse of the moment in improvisations that transform each one of the presentations in moments unique and unrepeatable.
“Basically,” clarifies Frankie, “the ‘Do not Belong’ tour is a way for me to get back to the roots of what was my beginning. Me and the guitar, a loop station and be able to play the songs as it hits my head at the time. Of course, the structures of the songs are there, but if I feel like prolonging a solo or changing an introduction I want to have the freedom to do it. “

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