Aquaporto invites children and young people to a water and science festival

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The National Water Day, which marks this Friday, October 1st, is celebrated in Parque da Cidade with activities focused on the sustainability of future generations. In 2021, the largest water and science festival in the country, Aquaporto, returns to the Pavilhão da Água but will also have online activities.

Through a set of proposals aimed at children and young people in schools in the region, from pre-school to 3rd cycle, the event aims to raise awareness of the effects of climate change and the management of water resources. Schools interested in participating in recreational and scientific activities must express their interest in advance and book the visit via email. Visits are limited to the maximum capacity of the Pavilhão da Água.

Also in this space, the documentary The Plastic Hike will be screened on the morning of Friday, October 1st, also requiring mandatory prior registration.

Given the limited public at the Water Pavilion, Aquaporto offers part of the program in digital format, there you can find articles dedicated to the themes of water resources and climate change, tips and good practices, and news about initiatives of the Water Pavilion. The goal is for visitors to be able to “immerse themselves in knowledge” about water, sustainability, and some news.

Aquaporto – organized by the Porto City Council, through Águas e Energia do Porto – has been held since 2014 at the Pavilhão da Água, in the Parque da Cidade do Porto, and in 2020 took on a fully online format. In this edition, the water festival will be hybrid, and the original physical format is expected to be resumed next year, with the support of fifty partner entities in the areas of science, culture, education, and safety.

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