ARCOmadrid begins today with 13 Portuguese galleries and Peru as guest

The ARCOmadrid International Contemporary Art Fair, which this year has Peru as a guest country, begins today and runs until Sunday with the presence of 13 Portuguese art galleries.

In this edition, it will present 203 art galleries globally from 31 countries, with a new direction, in the hands of Maribel López, and also co-directed, in transition and for the last time, by Carlos Urroz, who led it in the last decade.

At a press conference held in Lisbon last week, with the presence of both, Maribel López said that “the changes will be in detail, small improvements, because the transition has been prepared for some time, and will be smooth.”

“It’s a project to keep. We have been working together for seven years and many of the changes that have been made have been consensual,” said Maribel López to journalists. “There is nothing that should be changed radically. , in Lisbon.

The official said that this year there will be improvements in the interior architecture of the fair, with more spaces for rest, and in the conditions for the exhibitors of the galleries.

In the 2019 edition of ARCOmadrid, the Portuguese representation extends from the general program, with ten galleries, the Opening program with two, and the Dialogues with one, besides the participation of curators and museum directors in the Professional Meetings.

From a total of 13 galleries, 3 + 1 Contemporary Art, Bruno Múrias, Cristina Guerra Contemporary Art, Filomena Soares, Madragoa, Monitor, Pedro Cera, and Vera Cortes will be in Lisbon. Rye and Blue Square.

In the opening program, curated by Tiago de Abreu Pinto and Ilaria Gianni, Francisco Fino and Lehmann + Silva, from Oporto, will participate, while in the Diálogos program the Miguel Nabinho gallery in Lisbon will be present.

In the Professional Meetings will participate, among other curators and museum directors, Pedro Gadanho, Sérgio Mah, João Mourão, Penelope Curtis, João Silvério, Rita Fabiana, João Ribas and João Laia.

To journalists, Vera Cortes, who returns to the organizing committee of ARCOmadrid, said that “it is important for Portugal to be present” in that event dedicated to contemporary art.

“It is the contemporary art fair with the most Portuguese galleries, and it is the closest market in Portugal”, he stressed, on the importance of this “meeting point” among artists, galleries, collectors, museums and other cultural institutions.

Asked about the news in the Portuguese presence, Vera Cortes indicated that the gallery Lehmann + Silva, coming from Porto, will be a newcomer, and the gallery Miguel Nabinho will be back.

At the 38th International Contemporary Art Fair – ARCOmadrid, Peru, as a special guest country, will be the target of a program with various initiatives in the museums and art centers of the Spanish capital, throughout the period of the fair.

Of the 70% of international participation, 29% will be dedicated to Latin American artists, according to the organization, with 40 galleries from 12 countries in the region.

The show will feature 43 new galleries, among them Meyer Riegger, Rodeo, Timothy Taylor, and Edward Tyler Nahem.

The representation of Peru at ARCOmadrid will be made with 23 artists from 15 galleries, with the general curator of Sharon Lerner, from the Lima Art Museum, which will feature artists such as Fernando Bryce, Teresa Burga, Sandra Gamarra, Miguel Aguirre, Antonio Páucar, Herbert Rodríguez, Elena Damiani, Ximena Garrido-Lecca, José Vera Matos, Carlos Runcie Tanaka and Rita Ponce de León.

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