Are you a fan of craft beer? You will not want to miss this festival.

The first edition of C’azedu – Portuguese Sour & Grape Beer Festival takes place in Oliveira de Azeméis already on November 24.

Are you a fan of craft beer? So this news is for you. Mark your agenda on November 24th. In Oliveira de Azeméis, between 3 pm and 2 am, the Vanda Brewpub in Ossela will open the doors to the first edition of C’azedu – Portuguese Sour & Grape Beer Festival.

Attending the event will be some of the leading Portuguese artisanal beer producers today. The goal? It’s very simple: “To prove and to know some of the styles that are revolutionizing the world-wide artisan beer market,” explains the statement sent to the newsroom.

Bitch, Letter, Post Scriptum, Two Ravens, Damn, Luzia, Barona and Devil are names that will surely be familiar to you and will be at the festival. In turn, Sour and Grape beers offer a perfect symbiosis between the tradition of the wine world and the irreverence of craft beer.

If you do not know these concepts, then know that Sour, “beers of millennial tradition practically forgotten in the last 200 years for the benefit of the Ales and Lagers, resurge from the four corners of the world, revisited by the hands of irreverent and innovative artisan brewers.” One of its most pronounced characteristics is the pronounced acidity, which ‘gives the hands’ an unexpected flavour and aroma and a near absence of bitterness. Dare to try it?

Portuguese Grape Al, meanwhile, will also have a prominent place in C’azedu. Although not yet an official style with worldwide recognition, this nectar is the result of the combination of the usual malt of cereals and of the must from the national grape variety, with “beer passing a part of its process in a stage in wooden barrels, creating a differentiated final product, unique and with a strong connection to Portuguese culture “, explains the statement.

On the same day, you can take part in a seminar dedicated to the world of Sour beers, which is scheduled for 9:30 am and is scheduled for 18:30. Included in the program of activities was a visit to J.Dias – a wooden barrels factory, a tasting of five South African beers, selected by international expert Xavier Depuydt, a matching lunch prepared by chef Emídio Concha and the sommelier Gonçalo Faustino beer, a presentation of cork stoppers for beer from Corticeira Amorim and the Lambic Blending Session tasting workshop, conducted by Belgian brewer Gert Christiaens.

It should be noted that the organization of C’azedu – Portuguese Sour & Grape Beer Festival is a partnership of Essência D’Alma Lda and Loba.CX and has the institutional support of the Municipality of Oliveira de Azeméis.

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