Arena Shopping promotes a trip to the age of dinosaurs

This summer, from June 29th to July 31st, Arena Shopping will host an exciting exhibition commemorating the 25th anniversary of the Natural History Society of Torres Vedras, which will provide a unique experience through a “time travel” to the era of dinosaurs.

Comprising 25 carefully selected fossils, this exhibition will transport visitors to the fascinating ecosystems of the time of the dinosaurs, where some of the most representative specimens of the Upper Jurassic and Cretaceous of Torres Vedras will be displayed.

On the 1st floor, visitors will have the opportunity to observe an impressive variety of fossils, from the remains of imposing dinosaurs to traces of plants and each element tells a unique story, allowing a look into the remote past of our planet.

In addition to providing entertainment and knowledge, this exhibition has the primary objective of highlighting the high interest of the Paleontological Heritage existing in the Municipality of Torres Vedras, since this region has a rich diversity of fossils, representing a scientific and cultural treasure of inestimable value.

Arena Shopping thus promotes yet another leisure event that, at the same time, emphasizes the cultural richness of its municipality. Perfect for kids and adults alike, this exhibition is a unique opportunity to share with the community the work developed over the years by this local Society and to promote the importance of conservation of the natural heritage.

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