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Armindo Fernandes presents an album in the company of friends

Museu do Fado

It was to a house full of friends and fans that Armindo Fernandes, master of the Portuguese guitar, presented his album in the auditorium of the Fado Museum, in the company of some of the best musicians in Portugal, André Teixeira, Bruno Costa, Carlos Manuel Proença, Jorge Fernando, Miguel Gonçalves and Paulo Paz.

It was to present the album ‘Armindo Fernandes e Amigos‘ that the auditorium was filled with themes matured over decades, in a career of love for Fado and Portuguese Guitar.

Armindo Fernandes > Museu do Fado ©Luís M. Serrão – iNeews < 2022.04.01

Before the concert, Daniel Gouveia introduced the master Armindo Fernandes, and began by saying “… today is a day for me mainly emotional, if I start by saying that Armindo Fernandes was my first guitar teacher, you can see, more understand if I tell you that after that year, that I had lessons with him, I stopped seeing him, he went around playing with the greatest fado singers, making the recordings of the most significant fado records, he traveled around several countries in the world, he belonged to a set of guitars, from another friend of mine, António Chainho, but look, he was my guitar teacher at a time, we are in 1970, he had come from the military service in Angola, where I got a little guitar and started to learn by the João method Vitória, but learning by catalog never gives much, and I wanted to learn from someone, who knew how to transmit knowledge, but there was not, it was a time, when guitarists hid what they were doing so as not to see each other, when there were other guitarists. Itarrists who wanted to see what the fabric was and how he made it, hid it, and give classes without thinking about it, create competition, …” adds “Arindo Fernandes, was the person I found with the generosity of character, typical of those who like to transmit what you know, to spread what you know to others, and in his case, it is very …

Armindo Fernandes > Museu do Fado ©Luís M. Serrão – iNeews < 2022.04.01

Armindo Fernandes thanked the Fado Museum, and all his friends who had given him the honor of accompanying him on the record but also on the concert and it was in the company of Carlos Manuel Proença, a great late afternoon of Fado began, then followed Jorge Fernando, who was grateful for the possibility of being with Armindo and adds, “his work is very big, some of us know him, others don’t, this is due to the fact that he has the work he has, he is a great being human, very discreet, very hidden, and sometimes he even apologizes for being so nice…

Armindo Fernandes is the author of all the songs that make up the album, with the exception of ‘Dileção‘, by Miguel Gonçalves and ‘Um Conto de Fado‘, by André Teixeira, which is really worth listening to very carefully.

The album ‘Armindo Fernandes e Amigos‘, with the seal of the Museu do Fado Discos, can now be purchased at the Museu do Fado store, and at FNAC.

Tracks performed at the concert:

  • Recado Ao Fado
  • Para Vós Senhora De Vagos
  • Dileção
  • Valsa Vaguense
  • Um Conto De Fado
  • O Canto Das Minhas Mãos
  • O Nosso Fado Corrido
  • Saltitão
  • Marcha Da Rua Da Fonte Nova
  • Os Meus Fados

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