Arte Institute opens registration for online shows

To give shape to the RHI Stage, in the context of supporting the arts, following the current stoppage of the sector, the Arte Institute and the RHI – Revolution_Hope_Imagination initiative, which emerged in September last year, make the RHI Think application available online, through from which the works of the artists can be seen, and at the same time open registration for professionals in the arts and culture, who want to disseminate their work through it.

Through RHI Think, you can pay “what you [the viewer] think is fair for these shows”. The public can also follow the planned schedule, make videos available and value the work of the artists. Each show will last 20-30 minutes and will remain available on the platform and marketplace.

Artists can register here.

According to the Arte Institute, artistic works from any cultural area are accepted, be it music, dance, literature, theater, plastic arts or other expression.

One of the objectives of this “mission” of the Arte Institute is precisely the ‘re-education’ of audiences and to encourage audiences to pay, in the amount they want, for the shows available free of charge throughout the event, promoting artists and valuing effectively your job.

The Arte Institute, founded in April 2011, is an independent and non-profit organization, based in New York, which streamlines the production and dissemination of artists and contemporary Portuguese art projects, through events that it produces on all continents.

Since its creation, the Arte Institute has promoted “more than 800 artists and was present in 36 countries and 85 cities”, carrying out initiatives in Portugal such as Portugal in Soho, an exhibition of Portuguese culture, and a festival every year in New York. of short films from Portuguese cinema, which also extended to other cities in the world.

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