Crafts and folk art inspire murals in Barcelos

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Under the umbrella of urban art and cultural exchange, the “Café Cultura | Barcelos”, which brings to the city center works of art created by national graffiti artists.

Barcelos’ handicraft and popular art are the guiding principle of a work that results from the combination of past and present, tradition and modernity, history and contemporaneity. These are artistic residencies included in the project “Culture for all in an inclusive educating city”, promoted by the Municipality and which has 27 initiatives to be developed in total by 2023.

The “Café Cultura | Barcelos” started on July 15th and three panels of color are emerging, the result of an artistic revolution expressed in graffiti works of art.

The initiative has the participation of the curator and creator of the “Café Cultura” project, José Vicente dos Santos. The Brazilian artist and producer best known as “Vicente Coda” is responsible for choosing the graffiti artists, for the conceptions of the projects for the realization of the murals, for monitoring them and for all the logistics inherent to the project.

The works are made by graffiters Bruno Filipe, known in the art world as Ekyone, born in Porto, Nelson Fernandes Soares, plastic and urban artist, originally from Guimarães, and Bruno Nogueira, known among urban artists as NEK, born in Thorn.

Murals are appearing on the exterior side elevation and on the interior side wall of the room/workshop at Casa Ascensão Correia, currently under construction to embody the Centro de Expressão pela Arte de Barcelos. The third work is to be built on the interior side wall of the Pottery Museum.

Café Cultura | Barcelos” has as its premise the valorization of public spaces and the promotion of Barcelos as a Creative City by UNESCO, thus giving rise to a new area of ​​creation until now without a school in Barcelos.

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