Artist Cau Gomez wins PortoCartoon 2021

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Cau Gomez had already been awarded the PortoCartoon Grand Prize in 2002, on the theme Eco-Tourism, and, in 2018, he received the 3rd ‘ex-aequo’ prize.

This edition of PortoCartoon had the participation of more than 2,700 works, from around 500 artists, from 64 countries, from all continents.

According to the Museu Nacional da Imprensa, the quality of the works led the international jury to award 27 honorable mentions to artists from countries such as Germany, Saudi Arabia, Argentina, Belgium, Brazil, Bulgaria, China, Spain, France, Iran, Italy, Portugal, and Turkey.

This year’s edition included two Special Caricature Awards centered on the figures of the North American Martin Luther King, the Nobel Peace Prize assassinated in 1968, and the Portuguese pianist Maria João Pires. The winners were, respectively, Shankar Pamarthy, from India, and Aurélio Mesquita, from Portugal.

The Maria João Pires Prize exhibition will take place at the Cine-Teatro Constantino Nery, in Matosinhos, from Friday until the end of October.

The winners of the 23rd PortoCartoon will receive the trophies during the opening ceremony of the exhibition, which will take place at the Museu Nacional da Imprensa and in other places in Greater Porto, on a date to be announced.

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