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Visual arts, cinema, short stories, conversations, music and theater, are some of the proposals of the program of the second edition of the Artistic festival, promoted by the Évora City Council, from 4 to 8 March 2020.

The feminine sensibility in the arts is the motto of this festival, in which other cultural and social issues related to women, as an artistic creator and producer, are also questioned and addressed, under various perspectives, such as their rights, on the one hand, and inequalities, on the other hand.
Understood as an encounter of art forms with a feminine look and voice, Artística assumes that all creators, art producers, or artists, who follow a so-called feminine sensitivity and sense, whether women or men, should enjoy total freedom and equality.
Its objectives are to promote and disseminate the creation and artistic work of women and expressions of the feminine; promote and practice free access to culture.
Visual arts, cinema, short stories, talks, music and theater, are among the themes proposed for the second edition of the Artística Festival, hosted by the Municipality of Évora, from March 4 to 8, 2020.
All the activities included in the program will be held at the Church of S. Vicente, the Soror Marina Auditorium, the Association é Neste País and in Sociedade Harmonia Eborense (SHE).

On the 4th there is a cinema, with the support of SOIR Joaquim António D’Aguiar, with Raquel Freire’s film “Women of my country”, shown at the Soror Mariana Auditorium, at 6:00 pm and 9:30 pm.
On the 5th, a conversation is suggested, under the theme “Being a Woman in Society and Culture”, with several guests, at 6 pm, and the reading of erotic poetry, “And the verb became flesh”, by Elisabete Piecho , with poems collected from the “Anthology of Portuguese Erotic and Satirical Poetry” by Natália Correia, at 9:30 pm, both suggestions at the São Vicente Church.
The puppet theater under the SHE stage, on the 6th, at 5 pm, with the family show “A Árvore Cantada”, performed by Cátia Vieira, from the Bipolar Company. Still on this day, the Church of S. Vicente receives a showcase by the Moroccan singer Soukaina Fahsi, at 7 pm, and a concert by Mozambican Lenna Bahule, at 9:30 pm.
On the 7th, the play (M) arço (M) ulher SHE 2020, by Teatro do Oprimido, and by Cláudia Lazaro, is the proposal for 11:30 am, in the Church of São Vicente. This morning there is also a short story session with Susana Cecílio, entitled “É pro Menino e pra Menina”, at the É Association in this country. At 5:00 pm, SHE opens the installation “Eu, Elas, Nós” by visual arts artist Anabela Calatroia, a work that includes the participation of cultural associations, secondary schools and other local institutions. The afternoon program culminates with the showcase “O Lado de Dentro”, by Joana Ricardo and Mariana Correia, at 7 pm, in the Church of S. Vicente. Place where Bia Ferreira, artist from Brazil, also performs at 9:30 pm. That night ends with the Momma T concert, from Portugal, starting at 11 pm, at SHE.
The Artistic Festival ends with the show by Joana Amendoeira, which she calls “Amália – A alma do fado”, at 21.30, in the Church of S. Vicente.

Cinema | 18H00 – 21H30 | Soror Mariana Auditorium
Conversation | 6:00 pm | Church of São Vicente
| Poetry | 9:30 pm | Erotic Poetry by Elisabete Piecho – Poems collected from Natália Correia’s “Anthology of Portuguese Erotic and Satirical Poetry” | Church of São Vicente
| Theater | 17h00 | Puppet Theater by Cátia Vieira, from Companhia Bipolar | Harmony Eborense Society

| 7:00 pm | Church of São Vicente
| Concert | 9:30 pm | Church of São Vicente

| Theater | 11:30 | Teatro do Oprimido, Authored by Cláudia Lazaro | Church of São Vicente

| Tales | 11:30 | Association It is in this country

| Visual Arts | 17h00 | Installation by Anabela Calatroia | Harmony Eborense Society
| 7:00 pm | Church of São Vicente
| Concert | 9:30 pm | Church of São Vicente

| Concert | 23h00 | Harmony Eborense Society

| Concert | 9:30 pm | Church of São Vicente

Website: www.cm-evora.pt

Organization: Évora City Council

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