Artists from all over the world perform at #homestagefestival

The #homestagefestival appears as a movement of artists and spectacle professionals at an international level, which brings together more than 60 artists, 6 countries and 11 nationalities, of which the actor Pedro Diogo, Luiz Caracol, Sebastião Antunes, Najla Shami, Barry White stand out Gone Wrong, Carlos Alberto Moniz, Rua Direita, Manuel Freire, Francisco Naia and Casuar, Grutera, Maria Vanedi or Valeria Carvalho, and who will share performances from Facebook, with a maximum duration of 30 minutes, from their homes.

The performances will be broadcast live on each artist’s Facebook page and @homestagefestival on Facebook.

The initiative aims to raise awareness of the need to stay home and follow the guidelines of WHO and health authorities in each country, at this critical and challenging time on a global scale.
It also has as purpose, the general awareness about the precarious situation experienced by artists and other professionals of the show in the current context that is lived across the globe. Production and access to culture are even more essential in these challenging times. For this reason, voluntary and direct donations to each artist through MBWay, PayPal or IBAN will also be encouraged.

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