Artists join Monday in a show of support for the Artist’s House

The fadistas Ana Laíns, Mafalda Arnauth and António Pinto Basto, and the actors Carla Andrino and Ricardo Carriço are some of the names that participate in the “Meeting of Artists” on Monday at the Armando Cortez Theater in Lisbon.

The recipe of the show, which also includes the comedian Fernando Pereira and the classic guitarist Silvestre Fonseca, reverts to the House of the Artist, Apoiarte, a private association of social solidarity, which aims to “support those who start the activity “,” promote and dignify those who are in the activity “and” protect those who finish the activity “, as read in a note.

The nursing home with currently 72 residents, in the Lisbon Carnide parish, is one of the most visible faces of the institution, where “artists, at any age and in any situation of their life, are welcomed“, according to the note from Apoiarte.

If we consider that the perpetual art of civilizations, we have to understand that, from their formation to the end of their careers, States can not ignore the dignity of their artists, so we are proud to have erected this project and ask for he gives all support, to all those who can give them, to all the entities that should give them, “reads the same document.

The Artist’s House depends on government support for the social area, the Lisbon Chamber, and various donations from individuals.

The House of the Artist, in addition to the residential and rehabilitation facilities, with clinical and physiotherapy services, includes a library, a space for exhibitions and, among other valences, the Armando Cortez Theater, where it is held on Monday, at 9:30 pm, the “Encontro de Amigos“, which also includes Carlos Alberto Moniz, Luís Filipe Borges and Luísa Mirpuri.

The House of the Artist was founded on September 11, 1999, by a group of artists, among them Armando Cortez, Raul Solnado, Tomé de Barros Queiroz, Jacinto Ramos, Alda Pinto, Manuela Maria, Carmen Dolores and Alina Vaz.

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