Artur Guerra receives a prize for Portuguese translation of ‘Tirant lo Blanc’

The Portuguese translator Artur Guerra was distinguished today with the Ramon Llull Prize for Literary Translation for the translation, from the Catalan original into Portuguese, from ‘Tirant lo Blanc’, by Joanot Martorell.

The prize aims to recognize the importance of the work of literary translators and awards the best literary translation, from Catalan to other languages, edited the previous year.

The jury, chosen by the Ramon Llull Foundation, was constituted by four members of recognized merit in the world of literary translation: Francesc Parcerisas, poet, teacher, translator and literary critic, who presided over the jury, Montserrat Camps, Ph.D. in Classical Philology and professor of Greek Philology at the University of Barcelona, Anna Casassas, Law Degree, translator, and Monika Zgustová, writer and translator.

The prize was also awarded to Artur Guerra for his trajectory as a translator.

‘Tirant lo Blanc’ – a work published in Portugal by Documenta, a seal of the Solar System – is a central text of Catalan literature, written in the fifteenth century and dedicated to “the most serene Prince Dom Fernando de Portugal […] virtuous and glorious Prince, Expectant King. ”

It is also a key work of European and universal literature, as the publisher points out, constituting itself as a seminal work of the modern novel. Therefore, for the Solar System, it was “long identified as a work that could not but be translated into Portuguese”.

The translator’s choice was also right for the publisher: “One who is known and acknowledged as the most competent of our translators to pour ‘the book of the courageous and intrepid knight Tirant lo Blanc, Prince and Caesar of the Greek Empire of Constantinople, which was translated from English into Portuguese, and then into the vulgar Valencian language, by the magnificent and virtuous knight Mosotè Joanot Martorell ‘- as prays the Deo Gratias of Tirant lo Blanc – again to Portuguese, “reads the statement today disclosed.

The Portuguese edition contains notes by Artur Guerra and drawings and woodcuts by painter Ilda David.

Artur Guerra was born in Silvã de Cima, Sátão county, Viseu district, on December 23, 1949, and lives in Seixal, on the south bank of the Tagus.

He holds a degree in Philosophy from the University of São Tomás in Rome and from the Universidade Clássica de Lisboa. He graduated in Theology in Valencia, Spain. He was a professor of Philosophy and Psychology at the secondary level and served as librarian-teacher, and is currently retired.

He has been a translator of Castilian, Italian and Catalan since 1983.

He translated, among others, “The Mass Rebellion,” by José Ortega y Gassett (Círculo de Leitores y Relógio D’Agua, 1989), “From Tragic Feeling of Life” (Readers Circle, 1989) and The Agony of Christianity ‘(Cotovia Books, 1991), by Miguel de Unamuno.

In 2011, she was honoured, along with Cristina Rodriguez, with the Casa de América Latina Literature Prize for the translation of ‘2666’ (Quetzal, 2010), a posthumous novel by the Chilean writer Roberto Bolaño.

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