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Ary Kueka returns to Lisbon with the hot rhythms of Cape Verde

Worlds Cycle at Teatro Trindade INATEL

The singer-songwriter and guitarist from Paúl, on the island of Santo Antão, was in Lisbon, and in his luggage, he brought the warm rhythms of his land, Ary Kueka (Ary Duarte) who spends his life between São Vicente and Santo Antão, presented at the stage of Teatro da Trindade the album ‘Sampadiu’, a name that is a mixture of ‘sampadjudu’ and ‘badiu’, names by which the inhabitants of the islands of São Vicente and Santiago are known.

The concert took us on a journey through the rhythms of the islands whetherBadius‘ or ‘Sampadjudus‘ or both islands, with a little reggae in the mix.

Ary Kueka > Teatro Trindade INATEL ©Luís M. Serrão – ineews < 2023.03.21

Ary has also composed for big names in Cape Verde, such as Tito Paris, Ceuzany, and Mirri Lobo, he now has his own album, released in 2021, with intense and hot themes, of different styles, going from joy, from the best coladeiras to choro-sung, which is later mixed with the tabanka song or the energy of the Sanjon, sounds that make us travel, with a natural and simple flavor, like returning to the purity of the land.


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