Tim’s memories and stories at a remarkable concert in Porto

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On stage, there will be a story, a particular way of being, five close friends and an admirable set of songs. The common denominator is Tim, a veteran who with the project 20 – 20 – 20  wanted to draw a kind of self-portrait, but also embody his own idea of ​​music, of what he understands to be the songs and their deepest quality.

He explains about this that is already his fourth album of originals that the title refers to a remote memory, of a very cheap tobacco brand (20 cigarettes, 20 grams, 20 cents) and that is why it was chosen when at times the younger ones wanted to start transgressing, to feel more grown up, to challenge everything and everyone. The idea of ​​simplicity of this “branding” from other times could equally be applied to music: “a musical theme, a topic of conversation or a feeling, an arrangement and that’s it”. It sounds simple, but it’s in that “and that’s it” that lies the magic of those who – and there aren’t many people like that – can write songs that cling to our lives, our memories and our throats. Songs that seem to speak of us and for us.

On a record that was himself made “on the road”, between Tim’s home studio field, the beach in Zambujeira do Mar and the city in Toronto, one feels this spirit of adventure, the idea of ​​the journey that music itself can contain and the special vibe among a group of friends who know each other very well: veteran Moz Carrapa on guitar, the less veteran, but also very experienced Nuno Espírito Santo on bass, Tim’s sons Vicente and Sebastião Santos, on keys and on the battery, respectively. Different generations united by this ability that Tim found an echo in that old tobacco brand: that of taking simple ideas and making their songs, with words that everyone understands, that anyone can access. Songs so light that they may not even weigh 20 grams, but with a value that far exceeds the 20 cents that used to be enough for a kid to feel more grown-up. The concert will also be like that: a celebration of travels and memories from a gift that we all want to transform into something memorable.

Tim is waiting for you, next September 18th, at Coliseu Porto Ageas, for an absolutely unmissable concert. Get ready to fully know “20-20-20”.

Tickets available here.

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