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Asseco PST invests in training in Lusophone Africa

Asseco Academy, a training academy created by Portuguese technology company Asseco PST, will arrive this year in Cape Verde.

The goal is to train information technology specialists focused on the financial sector. After Angola and Mozambique, Cape Verde is the third market where Asseco PST is presently starting up with a project from the academy.

Specialist in the development of banking technology and software solutions, Asseco PST has a market share of over 80% in Cape Verde, where it works with 10 banks. The company started its activity in that country in 1992 by securing the management system of the first financial institution of this African country.

Launched in Angola in 2018, Asseco Academy expanded to Mozambique early last year. In both countries, it has already trained about 90 new specialists, with an employability rate of over 95%. Its training program, called the PFS Certification Program, is aimed at young college graduates or recent graduates and is free of charge for trainees. The costs are fully funded by Asseco PST, which ensures not only the availability of classrooms equipped with the latest technology but also the trainers responsible for the course content.

With a 240-hour training component, delivered during working hours, the course consists of eight modules on the various aspects of banking business (financial markets and products, means of payment, retail banking solutions, credit transfers, card solutions). debit and credit, and risk solutions, among others). Ultimately, Asseco Academy certification enables graduates to enter the job market with increased qualifications.

For this year, it is planned to hold two editions of the course in Angola, the first scheduled for February 10, and the second for the last quarter. In Mozambique, there will be an edition starting in June. In the case of Cape Verde, and this being the year of the launch of the academy, after the recruitment process, the selected finalists will be integrated into the course of Mozambique.

The training of new local staff in Asseco PST’s foreign markets is in line with its concern with the development of human capital in the various geographies where the company operates. Founded 30 years ago, Asseco PST is today a reference in information systems, operating in eight countries. In addition to Portugal, it is present in Angola, Mozambique, Cape Verde, Sao Tome and Principe, East Timor, Namibia and Malta. For over 20 years, it has been an export-oriented company, with 80% of annual revenues being generated outside Portugal.

Asseco Academy is our quintessential vehicle to help prepare more and better professionals in this sector,” explains Daniel Araújo, CEO of the Lusophone company, who adds: “Bank teams have simultaneously created a market-recognized professional certification program.

In addition to the free training programs, whose membership has grown with each new edition, particularly in Angola, where four courses have been held so far, the academy continues to conduct other standard and tailored courses. In the latter case, training programs have already been contracted by several financial institutions. In the Angolan market, Asseco PST has a share of over 80%, with 23 of the financial institutions operating in the country having their system based on the company’s core banking software.

In Angola, the academy is located in Talatona, on the outskirts of Luanda, next to Asseco’s renovated office, while in Mozambique the facility operates in Maputo.

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