Asseco sponsors largest technological entrepreneurship course

Asseco PST partnered with Universidade Nova to sponsor the “FCT Entrepreneurship” course, considered by many to be the largest university course in technological entrepreneurship in Europe.

The initiative that started yesterday at the Caparica campus of the Faculty of Science and Technology of Nova, annually involves more than 1,000 students, a team of 17 teachers, about 70 business guests and the final presentation of 250 pitches.

For Asseco PST, a specialist in the development of technological solutions for the financial sector, the sponsorship allows the reinforcement of its visibility and connection to the university world, positioning the brand at the level of students. On the other hand, it is an opportunity to join one of the most prestigious higher education institutions in Portugal.

During training, Asseco will have the opportunity to mentor a team of trainees, pose business challenges and receive ideas from a group of students. In the end, you will have access to 60 pitches on entrepreneurship, valuing the best business ideas that could give rise to future startups.

At the start of the initiative, in front of a full audience, Asseco PST administrator José Nunes left a business challenge for future entrepreneurs: “If they were the management of Asseco PST, what would be the business they would invest in today with a 5-year horizon”?

With a duration of five weeks and based on science and engineering students, the course allows the presentation of innovative technological ideas from the point of view of implementation in the market. The training goes through all phases of an entrepreneurial project, from design thinking and the business model, through the financial and communication plans, and ending with a pitch for the market, evaluated by invited companies and entities.

It is the first time that Asseco PST joins Universidade Nova in sponsoring this course, whose impact has been increasing from year to year. Since it was launched, in the 2012/2013 academic year, the “FCT Entrepreneurship” program has trained approximately 7,500 master students from 38 different science and engineering programs, crediting 3 ECTS to each student within the framework of the

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