“Assim Sem Fim”by NAPA

“Assim Sem Fim” marks the beginning of a new chapter for NAPA. The band is not from now, but the name is brand new. Formerly known as Men On The Couch, NAPA brings a new name to the public while keeping its musical identity intact.

In this first advance of the band’s second album, NAPA brings with them Silly who, through her unique voice and poetry, deposits an unexpected intimacy in the song. In a four-part musical odyssey about two lovers, we are faced with the raw anxieties of distance and incompatibility.

The video clip, directed by André Pêga and Rui dos Anjos and starring Ana de Oliveira e Silva and Vítor Afonso, portrays the frustration of a relationship that distance insists on destroying, but that longing does not let go. In the search for the truth, they find a love like this, without end.

NAPA was born in a grandmother’s basement in Funchal in 2013. The contours of the band were formed between the energy of the Arctic Monkeys and Red Hot Chilli Peppers, the ease of the Beatles, and the sensitivity of Caetano Veloso and Tom Jobim. The amateur and innocent formula of the band’s early compositions (in English) captivated the attention of friends, family, and beyond.

They exchanged English for their mother tongue, and their grandmother’s basement for their studio. In 2019 they recorded their first album “Senso Comum” at the well-known Black Sheep Studios in Sintra, still under the name Men On The Couch. The contagious melodies and the raw and melancholy spirit of the album gradually resonated in the hearts of Portuguese lovers. The sold-out performance at Sabotage and the subsequent concerts only reinforced the strength of the songs.

The band is preparing to release its second LP with a more mature look but with an ever-young spirit. The new album comes with a new band name and challenges the assumptions established in Sense Comum, bringing to the table greater complexity and inventiveness in the structure of many of the songs. The romantic pop vein continues to pulsate in the body of the record, but the hunger to discover new musical rhythms and textures is evident throughout the album.

NAPA’s new album is scheduled for release on May 26th.

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