Association asks the Government to support the use of bicycles when traveling

According to MUBI, people keep a distance of two or three meters, by bicycle, to avoid contagion, and they are also less likely to touch potentially contaminated objects in public space.

The association also stressed that municipalities should analyze the implementation of temporary emergency infrastructures, such as cycle paths, widening sidewalks and closing some streets to motorized traffic, in order to ensure greater safety for those who travel on foot or by bicycle.

The association argued, on the other hand, that the exception regime for suspension of activity should also cover bicycle maintenance and repair establishments and, eventually, be extended to bicycle sales stores.

For the association, the imposition of a maximum speed of 30 kilometers per hour on motor vehicles within the localities must also be considered.

MUBI also stressed that the competent authorities must have a more intense and diligent inspection in order to reduce risky behaviors.

Contributing to physical and mental well-being, the use of active modes of travel brings enormous social and public health benefits, according to the Association for Urban Bicycle Mobility.

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