Association Portugal AVC distinguished at European level

The Portugal AVC – Union of Survivors, Relatives and Friends, has just seen its work distinguished by SAFE, a European entity that groups the organizations constituted mainly by survivors of stroke or that they and their families dedicate much of their activity in more from 30 countries

A distinction that assumes greater importance, because Portugal AVC is an association with only 2 years of existence, totally constituted by volunteer work.

“It is with great pride that Portugal AVC receives recognition from SAFE for its work developed throughout 2018. It is yet another incentive to continue our work with the same dedication, information and support to stroke survivors and their families, “says António Conceição, president of the Association.

Portugal AVC is a national association whose purpose is to promote initiatives aimed at contributing to stroke prevention and its consequences, in order to minimize the morbidity and mortality associated with this disease, and, on the other hand, to contribute to the needs of the surviving patients, their families and caregivers.

The European Association further recognizes the importance of the recent ‘AVC: What now? – Guide of the Survivor and the Caregiver. The guide is available on the Portugal AVC website and can be consulted free of charge through this link.

SAFE is a non-profit organization representing a variety of patient groups across Europe whose mutual objective is to push for measures to include prevention, treatment and post-stroke life on the European political agenda and to prevent the incidence of this disease through education.

A stroke occurs as a result of a sudden disruption of blood and oxygen supply to a part of the brain tissue and nerve cells, which leads to the destruction of tissues and damage to brain function. From the moment that nerve cells are ‘wounded’, a ‘chain reaction’ begins, causing the death of these cells and even of cells around the affected area.

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