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“Astro-Mano” the new single by Pepperoni Passion

Pepperoni Passion launched “Astro-Mano”, the original composed for the generic of the new RTP Play series with the same name. The theme is available on all digital platforms and the video can be seen on YouTube.

“Astro-Mano” is the series you can watch soon on RTP Play. An original idea by Filipe Santos and Pedro Ferreira, one of the members of Pepperoni Passion, who also directs the production, and produced by Toca Produtora. The series transports us to other galaxies and tells an unlikely story of friendship between a human and an alien.

In addition to presenting very different work in terms of special effects and virtual sets, “Astro-Mano” features an original soundtrack composed by António Miguel Santos (Pepperoni Passion) and also includes four original songs by the band.

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