Until October, bats can be observed in the parks and gardens of the city of Porto

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The Night of Bats has been celebrated for 25 years – 12 of which uninterruptedly by the Porto Municipality Environmental Education team – but perhaps there are few times in history when it makes so much sense to try to understand this species and its crucial role in the ecosystem. The next Bats Summer 2021 observation arrives on the night of August 6 at the city’s Oriental Park.

Bats pollinate many species of plants, allowing us to have healthy fruit and forests. Furthermore, they control insect populations, which are potential destroyers of agricultural crops and transmitters of diseases. They are, however, difficult to see.

In the year that marks the 30th anniversary of the EUROBATS Agreement – Agreement on the Conservation of European Bat Populations – and the 25th anniversary of Bat Nights, the Environmental Education team proposes evening sessions for the whole family to meet, see and hear bats do Porto, in a tour guided by biologist Luzia Sousa, and which passes through various green spaces in the city.

The next observation takes place on August 6th at around 8 pm in the Oriental Park. Limited to 20 people, prior registration is required by filling out this form.

In August, it is still possible to be part of this Night of Bats on the 14th, at 7:45 pm, at Parque da Cidade, and on the 20th, at 7:30 pm, at Parque de S. Roque. The initiative returns later in October with a session at the Crystal Palace Gardens, on the 16th, at 6 pm.

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