ATEC launches Intercompany Training Plan

2023: Ano Europeu das Competências

Human resources, processes, and the product are key areas that companies seek to develop and, for this to happen, ATEC’s priority is to present transversal and integrated solutions. With the announcement that 2023 will be the European Year of Skills, ATEC challenges professionals and organizations to bet on their development through the solutions it now presents.

The exponential technological evolution poses several challenges to professionals and companies. Continuously investing in developing and acquiring skills is becoming increasingly imperative, on the one hand for professionals to remain attractive to the job market and, on the other hand, for companies to maintain their competitiveness“, explains Nelson Vaz, Commercial Coordinator from ATEC.

The 2023 Intercompany Training Plan that ATEC has just launched includes a set of training actions for active professionals in the areas of Industrial Mechanics, Automation and Robotics, Energy, IT, Continuous Improvement, Logistics, and Personal and Organizational Development. All actions proposed in this training can be adjusted in customized programs for companies, in Face-to-face, Live Training, Flash Training or Blended Training formats.

The face-to-face format includes dynamic training sessions, in an environment of sharing and proximity, in a technical laboratory and/or workshop. In the case of Live Training, the bet is on completely online courses using a pedagogical approach that allows maintaining the dynamics and interaction of face-to-face training. Aimed at small groups, Flash Training offers short intensive training sessions (between 1h30 and 2h30), 100% digital and interactive. There is also the option of Blended Learning, courses in a hybrid format. All these formats can be adjusted to the organizations and areas covered by the program.
At the start of the European Year of Skills, the ATEC Intercompany Training Plan for 2023 is characterized by its scope and flexibility and brings together a set of training actions for professionals in the workforce.

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